4th of July No-Sew on the Cheap Silverware Cans and Coaster Project

Since July 4th is here next week, I decided that I needed a quick no-sew project for a small get together B-B-Q. This is a quickie post, but I thought it not only applies to July 4th, but could be adapted to any holiday where you’ve got a large group coming and little time AND little money to spend on decor! 

I had some American-style burlap printed in red/white/blue circles and stars pattern I got at Joann’s on clearance a while back. I believe they still sell it. 

I decided to make covered cans for plastic-ware that wouldn’t blow away and a few coasters that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if they were stained, accidentally thrown out or eaten. After this pic, I thought I should have made one for straws too!!

This project is so quick and easy, you’ll have time to work on your menu! 

You will need some stuff first, but keep in mind that you can make this as simple or involved as you want, depending n the holiday. It was a challange for me to do a no-sew project but I want to offer projects that people of all skills can do and enjoy! 

You’ll need: 

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

Glue gun and glue sticks

Old jeans cut in 1/2 inch strips or 1/2 inch single fold binding in a matching color – for some occasions, lace would be good too.

Burlap or fabric of choice 

Ruler, paints, brushes, rubber stamps, ink etc. for this project I didn’t end up using the exacto-knife or the sequines. 

Wash your cans and remove the labels. Measure the cans for the area you’ll be putting the fabric on. 

My cans had a lip on the bottom, which would have been difficult to cover, so I only measured up to that lip. I marked the fabric and cut it, marking in purple markings across-then I cut it along the lines.

After I cut the burlap, I used a hot glue gun to glue it in place.

I chose the area that would be the back side if the can to start my gluing. I glued one strip down the side and then along the top and bottom, smoothing the fabric carefully along. I burned myself several times, so be careful! 

Once the fabric was on, I followed with the top and bottom edging, also hot glued in place. 

I decided I wanted little labels on the cans so I cut out little pieces of thin cardboard about 2.5 X 1 inches. I used the wrong side  of the cardboard because it kind of resembled metal, and stamped them and put dots of gold paint on the sides to make it look like little pins were holding them in place. The edges I smeared with the same stamp ink I used for the letters. I painted them with modge-podge to make them shine and to protect the cardboard. Using poster putty helped at the end of a pencil so I wouldn’t have to hold them while painting. 

This was stuff I had on hand, so if you don’t have stamps, use a sharpie or a pen would do fine! This project was all about last minute improvisation! 

For the coasters, I used Heat n Bond iron on adhesive to glue the burlap and jeans material together. After they were fused, I traced a pattern from a large cup and used that to cut the circles – and that’s it!! Easy peasy!!!

I hope this last minute tute inspires you to DIY your own party decor and that it gives you some ideas on how to make things easy!!

If I had more burlap, I would have done more Heat n Bond fabrics to make little place mats!

Let me know if you try this and share your tweaks and changes with me! I’d love to hear from you!!


Brynda 😊



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