Simple Accidentally My Fav Super Slouch Hat – Free Pattern

IMG_0787 IMG_0789

Hello boys and girls! Today, I want to share my favorite slouchy hat pattern that came to be totally by accident, kind of like a lot of stuff I come up with.

You see, I have a tendency to pick up my yarn & hook, and just start crocheting something without really knowing what I will make. One night, while watching TV with my husband, I did just that and came up with my favorite hat! Yes, the stars were in perfect alignment that evening and the yarn gods were smiling upon me. The hat above is the actual first hat – I choose it over all of my other hats every winter, probably 90% of the time. Sorry if it’s showing a bit of wear! (It looks super soft and comfy, doesn’t it?)

Now, I know you’re probably saying – A hat??? In the middle of summer?!? But maybe some of you might be looking for quick and easy winter projects or holiday gifts. You can never start too early.

For this hat, I also embellished mine with some crochet flowers, leaves and a few beads I had on hand. Feel free to decorate it how you like!

The pattern, as written, fits a size 22 inch head. Now, please note that my mannequin head only has a 20.5 inch head, so if you’re making it for smaller than a 22 inch head, this is how it may hang. So, let’s get started!

You will need:

Carron Simply Soft yarn, one skein should be enough but easier to work with two skeins since you’ll hold two strands of yarn together. Carron has a really nice drape to it, you could use a similar yarn like I did in the blue hat at the end of this post – that one is made from 100% soft Merino wool. I probably wouldn’t use a stiff yarn like Red Heart for this particular project because you want the hat to drape nicely in the back – but feel free to give it a try – you just might discovery a new look! You’ll also need a size K hook, stitch marker and yarn needle for weaving in ends.

Hat is worked in the round, ending with a slip stitch in the first chain 3 of that round. Do not turn your work.

Round 1: with 2 strands held together, chain 4, join with a slip stitch to first chain. Chain 3 (counts as DC here and throughout), 11 more DC in ring, slip stitch into top of chain 3. 12 DC. Mark right side with a stitch marker.

Round 2: chain 3, DC in same stitch as joining, 2 DC in each stitch around joining with slip stitch at top of chain 3. 24 DC and piece should be 3 inches in diameter measured across through the center.

Round 3: chain 3, DC in same stitch as joining, *1 DC in next DC, 2 DC in next DC* repeat from * to * and join in top of chain 3. 36 DC

Round 4: chain 3, DC in same stitch as joining, *1 DC in next 2 DC, 2 DC in next DC* repeat from * to * and join in top of chain 3. 48 DC

Round 5: chain 3, DC in same stitch as joining, *1 DC in next 3 DC, 2 DC in next DC* repeat from * to * and join in top of chain 3. 60 DC should be 7 inches in diameter.

Rounds 6 through 18: chain 3, DC in each stitch around, joining at top of chain 3.

Round 19: SC crochet in each DC around, end with a slip stitch in first SC, break yarn and weave in ends.

This pretty turquoise hat was made with the same pattern, but made even more loose and slouchy – almost a Rastafarian effect – just by changing my tension while holding the yarns – I just kept it super loose. This hat is great if you have big hair too:

IMG_0792 IMG_0793

If you like this hat but don’t want to make one, check out my Etsy store for hats and other gift items:







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